Dispute Resolution

Our role in dispute resolution

Engineers Ireland as one of the leading and most broadly based professional bodies in the country has, for many years, played a significant role in the area of dispute resolution generally, but not exclusively, in the construction industry. The objective of our Dispute Resolution Board is to formulate Engineers Ireland policies and procedures relating to dispute resolution in the engineering industry.

Composition of the dispute resolution board

The current board was appointed for a three year term by the Council of Engineers Ireland. It is comprised of the following members:

  • Siobhan Fahey
    Chartered Engineer
  • Ger Bythell
    Chartered Engineer
  • Tadgh McDonnell
    Chartered Engineer FIEI
  • Ciaran Fahy
    Chartered Engineer FIEI
  • John Mitchell
    Chartered Engineer
  • Colin Cleary
    Chartered Engineer FIEI
  • Gerry Galvin
    Chartered Engineer FIEI
  • Eamon Conlon 
  • Patrick Grennan
    Chartered Engineer FIEI
  • Niav O Higgins

The dispute resolution processes


It is the general policy of Engineers Ireland and the Board to make its documentation and services available free of charge.

  • Charge of €500 for Presidential Appointments.
  • Arbitrators and conciliators are required to pay an annual fee to the running and maintenance of the panels of which they are members. The annual fee has been set as follows:
    • Membership of 1 panel - €200
    • Membership of 2 panels - €300
    • Membership of 3 panels - €400