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The Structures and Construction division represents 15% of the overall membership of Engineers Ireland - Structural and Civil Engineers working in professional design practices and contracting roles in both the public and private sectors as well as academia.

Members are involved in the design and construction of major structures across a wide variety of business sectors including buildings within the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, residential, healthcare, educational, aviation, sporting and recreational sectors together with major infrastructural developments including bridges, tunnels, docks, dams, power stations, wind farms and oil rigs.

It provides members with a professional and social network for developing their knowledge base and for fostering potential business opportunities. Members can also network with their peers and with representatives from associated industry groups at events organised by the division.

The Structures and Construction division is also home within Ireland to CARE – the Conservation Accreditation Register for Engineers which has been established to identify engineers skilled in the conservation of historical structures and sites.

Members can benefit from:

  • Attending lectures organised by the division, keeping them up to date on the latest structural projects under development or recently constructed
  • Knowledge sharing through lessons learnt from a wide range of structural projects both local and global
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) through events, courses, site visits and customised seminars organised by the division
  • Networking with colleagues and industry experts
  • Access to technical presentations and research and development material

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