Achieve the Standard

Achieve the Standard

Over 120 leading engineering employers are harnessing this national CPD framework to raise competence levels and deliver tangible business benefits. 


Set goal

Set as an Organisational Goal

Gap analysis

Complete on-line Gap Analysis


Implement CPD Systems and Practices. Use our free on-line e-Guide


Written Submission to Engineers Ireland


A ½ day audit of systems and practices against criteria


CPD Accredited Employer

'How to'

These chapters provide basic support and guidance for all organisations, small and large, who are seeking to become CPD Accredited Employers. Files are password protected. Please contact the CPD team for the password.

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  • Achieve the Standard
    Criterion 1

    CPD committee, CPD policy and CPD strategy

  • Achieve the Standard
    Criterion 2

    Competence frameworks and talent support programmes

  • Achieve the Standard
    Criterion 3

    Performance management aligning CPD outcomes to organisational strategy

  • Achieve the Standard
    Criterion 4

    Mentoring during key transitions

  • Achieve the Standard
    Criterion 5

    Continuous improvement through creative problem solving and innovative solutions

  • Achieve the Standard
    Criterion 6

    Knowledge sharing and knowledge management

  • Achieve the Standard
    Criterion 7

    External ‘learning’ linkages

  • Achieve the Standard


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