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Reinstating your membership?

Applicants who were previously a member MIEI, are required to reinstate. If you choose to complete the online application, the Membership Team will be in contact upon receipt of your application as a reinstatement fee will apply.

Alternatively, phone the Membership Team 01 665 1334 or email for advice on reactivating your membership.

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DECLARATION: I hereby apply for membership of Engineers Ireland. I agree that the College(s) from which I graduated may release details of my qualifications to Engineers Ireland. I undertake that if elected I will abide by the Code of Ethics and Bye-Laws and the Membership Regulations of Engineers Ireland. I accept responsibility for the accuracy of the particulars contained in this form including my qualifications and I agree that if admitted to membership the validity of my admission shall depend upon the accuracy of such particulars. I agree to the Engineers Ireland Data Retention Policy and Engineers Ireland Privacy Statement. I agree that if applying for membership through the Refer a Friend Scheme to have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the scheme.