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aecHive Hackathon

  • Date(s)
    8th - 10th November 2019
  • Time(s)
    From 6:00 PM
  • Venue
    1WML Windmill Lane, SOBO Dublin

About the event

aecHIVE is an inclusive and collaborative network of innovators with a focus on planning, architecture, engineering, construction and built environment management. aecHive will host a 3 day event, to try and stimulate some “innovation” in the AEC sector. Engineers and project managers are encouraged to get involved, and use this event as an opportunity to explore some ideas, either by proposing a workshop team, or getting involved in a project

Event schedule

Friday 8th November - Welcome & Social Event

7PM - Drinks and Socialising etc. Talk, Mingle, Opportunity for a prehack pitch to group from cluster leaders describing “what we are going to do”.

Saturday 9th November - Hack 9-9

9AM onwards - Hack on projects

9PM - 10PM Cluster standup and discussion (optional)

Sunday 10th November - Conference Day

10.30AM - 1.30PM - An open industry micro conference providing local companies taking the stage to give a series of short talks on topics related to innovation in the AEC sector. This will be followed by an opportunity for each cluster to present what they have been working on, where the project is going next and an opportunity to ask for help they need to get it there.


Pre registration is essential for this event. Please use the link provided.

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