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Fire and SafetyAbout the division

Fire and Safety division members come from all industries, with a large number employed in the construction sector. They also work for consultancies, local authorities, construction contractors, insurance firms, civil service, government departments and fire and building control authorities.  Members can network with their peers and with representatives from the associated industry groups at events organised by the division.  Health and safety legislation has had a huge impact on the Irish workplace, and most engineers are involved with health and safety matters on a daily basis, directly or indirectly.

Members benefit from contacts and networking available through our meetings, presentations and seminars promoting the latest thinking in fire and safety.  These events also contribute to members’ continuing professional development.  The division runs a collegial forum where designers and regulators can mingle and discuss issues that are important to designs, such as fire safety certification.

Members can benefit from:

  • Networking with colleagues
  • Networking with industry experts
  • Keeping up to date with the latest events, technical presentations and access to research and support material.
  • Attending events, courses, site visits and customised seminars to advance their continuous professional development