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Planning and Implementing Community Engagement for Renewable Energy Strategies - SOLD OUT

  • Date(s)
    Friday, 16 September 2016
  • Time(s)
    9:30 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Venue
    Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland
  • Fee


  • CPD Credit
    0.5 hours   C1


Consultation and participation are important mechanisms in the development of strategies and projects in the renewable and sustainable energy sector. These mechanisms are, however, not always well understood and many of the techniques that are used are less effective than might be wished. This module is intended to address this issue and help participants to understand the principles of consultation and participation and be better equipped to implement them.


The aim of this course is to assist in the process of the development of Local Authority Renewable Energy Strategies in a way which:
  • Promotes the need for renewable energy developments
  • Helps to create social acceptance of such developments
  • Reduces the opposition to specific projects which are in accordance with the strategy

Learning objectives

On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:
  • Understand and apply the principles of consultation, participation and information-giving
  • Apply the differences between these in a policy and project context
  • Assess the benefits of different engagement mechanisms in different contexts
  • Identify and create the attitudes which a good consultation process requires
  • Prepare a consultation or participation plan and brief a consultant in the execution of such a plan if necessary   


  • Overall workshop objective
  • Why develop a Local Renewable Energy Strategy?
  • Key Issues for Energy in Ireland
  • Issues
  • Policy Development
  • A Local Renewable Energy Action Plan
  • Workshop purpose and structure
  • A few thoughts on collaborative planning
  • Consultation, participation and information
  • The ethics of participation and consultation
  • Consultation and participation in different contexts
  • Techniques 1
  • Techniques 2
  • Consultation, participation and the law
  • Designing a project participation or consultation process
  • Using the outcomes of the process
  • What is being asked of participants in the process
  • Group Exercise 

Who should attend?

Those who are engaged in Local Authority Renewable Energy Strategy development including local authority personnel and members, private consultants, community leaders.

Special requests

Participants should bring an open mind and a willingness to share their experiences.


Trainer's profile

Ciaran Lynch worked as a Local Authority planner for over twenty years and has been working in Tipperary Institute/LIT for nearly twenty more. He has both theoretical and practical experience of designing and implementing consultation and participation processes and has lectured on the topic both to students and various external organisations, has written on the topic and presented at many conferences over the years.

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16 September 2016

This course is held in conjunction with SEAI