Regional Representative vacancy for Transport Planning Ireland

Regional Representative vacancy for Transport Planning Ireland

01 February 2016 at 16:42


The (UK) Transport Planning Society plans to establish a presence in Dublin. This note sets out information about :

  • the Transport Planning Society (TPS)
  • its proposals to establish a presence in Dublin
  • appointment of a TPS Regional Representative based in Dublin
  • nomination of a supporting TPS Management Committee

If you are interested in being considered for the role of Regional Representative, please contact Tim Morton of the TPS as explained below.


TPS is the UK professional institution for all transport planners of all disciplines. It exists to support, develop and promote the transport planning profession.

Transport planning developed as a discipline within the UK in the 1960’s and at the outset virtually all transport planners were engineers who had a professional home within one of the established engineering Institutions. However, transport planning has since become a profession in its own right and has become a broader church. Transport planners now include town planners, economists, geographers, mathematicians, safety experts etc. as well as engineers.

During the 1990’s, there was an increasing desire amongst transport planners to have their own professional institution embracing all the disciplines now included in transport planning, and an institution that would champion the development of the profession. Hence TPS was formed in 1997. It is supported by four established professional Institutions in the UK, all of whom have an interest in transport planning but none of whom have transport planning as their core or primary activity:

  • Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
  • Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT)
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)
  • Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)

The objectives of the Society are to provide a forum for transport planners, to develop the capabilities of the profession, to encourage individual career development, and to raise the profile of transport planning. It engages with government to raise awareness of the role of transport planning and, where appropriate, to influence government transport policy.

TPS now has 1200 members, with numbers currently increasing at about 20%/annum. The Society offers all the activities that one would expect of a professional institution such as professional and social networking, and knowledge dissemination through debates, seminars and conferences. It offers rewards for excellence and incentives to young professionals (in particular) to develop their careers. It operates through formal meetings and informal social media. Its website is a valued source of information on transport planning, not to mention job vacancies.

Our aim is to add similar value to the transport planning profession in the RoI.

Further information about the Society is available at

Transport Planning Professional qualification (TPP)

Since 2008, TPS jointly with CIHT has awarded the TPP professional qualification. This can be obtained by younger professionals usually following a structured training programme or by senior members of the profession by submitting a report of their experience.

TPP is becoming the recognised standard professional qualification for transport planners. It is becoming widely recognised by consultants and public authorities. Having it on one’s CV is the mark of a capable and experienced transport planner.

Professional Development Scheme (PDS)

TPS manages a structured training scheme for transport planners intending to aim for TPP, known as the PDS. Essentially, the scheme requires trainee transport planners to acquire experience or competence in a number of defined modules relating to technical work, management and “communication, commitment and ethics”.

The scheme is operated under licence by participating employers (currently about 30 and increasing). Trainees are fully mentored and must be TPS members. The scheme is transferable from employer to employer if a trainee changes jobs.

Our further aim is to make both TPP and PDS more readily accessible to transport planners in the RoI.


Following consultations with established professional institutions and other organisations in the RoI (Engineers Ireland, ICE, CIHT, CILT, IPI, NTA, ITRN) it seems that there is potential for TPS to offer the same professional support to transport planners in the RoI as it does in the UK.

Within this general aim, the specific objectives of establishing TPS in the RoI are :

  • to provide a networking forum for transport planners in the RoI
  • to enhance links between transport planners in the RoI and the UK
  • to encourage individual career development
  • to make PDS and the TPP qualification more readily available and recognised in the RoI
  • to support development of the transport planning profession in the RoI
  • to raise the profile and awareness of transport planning in the RoI


Within the UK, TPS is organised on a regional basis (12 regions) under the direction of a London-based Board. Each region has a Regional Representative who is responsible for maintaining the presence of the Society in the Region and for organising regional events. The central Board also organises national events.

This arrangement is well established so the intention is that our activities in the RoI would initially (at least) be operated like any region within the UK, with a Regional Representative to manage the Society’s activities locally and reporting to the Board Director responsible for Regional Co-ordination. In the longer-term, once TPS is established in the RoI, a greater degree of autonomy might be considered  – perhaps the establishment of “TPS Ireland”.


The first and most important step is to appoint a Regional Representative to lead TPS’ activities in the RoI. The Regional Representative will be key to the development of TPS’ presence in the RoI but it is intended that he/she would be supported by a local Management Committee (see below) comprising nominated representatives from established professional institutions and principal transport planning organisations.

The key requirements for a Regional Representative are :

  • a professional involvement in transport planning
  • preferably, a minimum of 5 years’ professional experience (but no upper limit)
  • energy and enthusiasm to develop TPS’ activities in the RoI
  • sufficient time to devote to the task

The Regional Representative would be supported in the first instance by the TPS Board member responsible for establishing TPS in the RoI (Tim Morton). Once TPS is up and running, the Regional Representative would report to the Board member responsible for regional coordination (David Connolly). Both Tim and David hail from Ireland, albeit from the North!

The Regional Representative would require to become a member of TPS but as an incentive, we will offer free membership until end-December 2017. Apart from that, it is an honorary position although there is provision to claim essential expenses.

If you would like to be Regional Representative …..

……. I would like to hear from you by 15 February 2016. Please send me an e-mail expressing your interest to: and attach your CV or a biopic. This is not a job interview but it would be helpful to know something about your professional background. Equally, if you would like to discuss the matter by phone or Facetime before expressing a formal interest, please send an e-mail with contact details and a convenient time to call (after 1 February).

I plan to visit Dublin in the last week of February 2016 to talk to interested candidate(s) and select a Regional Representative.


To maximise collaboration with established institutions and organisations, I will be asking the seven institutions and organisations referred to above to each nominate one of their members to the TPS Management Committee. If you have received this from one of the organisations listed please make them aware of your interest, even if you have also applied to me for the Regional Representative role.

If you have received this by a different route, I will be glad to refer any interested names to the relevant institution(s) if you let me know (no CV needed).

Members of the Management Committee will also be offered free membership of TPS until December 2017. With the involvement of the newly selected Regional Representative, I envisage that the Management Committee will be appointed in mid-March 2016.

6.         IN SUMMARY

We are confident that TPS has a lot to offer the transport planning profession in the RoI and that those who become involved in its affairs will enjoy the satisfaction of playing a key role in that.