Views of engineers in the Irish Times ‘Capital Ideas’ series

Views of engineers in the Irish Times ‘Capital Ideas’ series

05 November 2018 at 15:37

The Irish Times on Saturday 3 November published a themed section devoted to a series of 10 ideas for improving Dublin’s infrastructure, economy and daily life -

Our Director General Caroline Spillane contributed her expert view on the ideas, together with Cliff Taylor, the paper’s Economic Columnist and Frances Ruane, Former Director of the Economic and Social Research Institute. Views were sought on 9 of the 10 ideas. 

Live near Dublin Bay? Get used to marine booms, breakwaters and sea dykes - by Frank McDonald;

Fintan O’Toole: We need Ireland’s world-class architects to design great public housing for Dublin;

Build a taller Dublin: Why higher buildings aren’t a dense idea - by Olivia Kelly;

If we want a healthier Dublin, we need to start in Wicklow - by Paddy Woodworth;

Why can’t Dublin, like Paris, have showers for the homeless? - by Alice Leahy;

David McWilliams: Dublin generates 56% of Irish tax, but can’t keep a cent of it (requires login);

No more buck-passing or dithering – Dublin needs a new boss - by Olivia Kelly (requires login);

Dublin’s nightlife is dying. A ‘night czar’ could save it - by Una Mullally (requires login); and

Dubliners, love your city and it will reward you - by Treveor White (requires login).