Our sectors and their activity 2018-2019

Our sectors and their activity 2018-2019

15 November 2019 at 09:25

In Engineers Ireland our 31 active Regional branches, Engineering divisions and Societies (our Sectors), are driven by the commitment of 450 active committee members, ensuring an outreach, presence and relevance to all our 25,000 members.

In our sectoral year, 2018 – 2019, 317 mostly free events were hosted and organised by our Sectors with a record attendance of 17,777 members and non-members. Sixty of these events were broadcast live from Dublin, Cork and London with an additional 1,450 live views online. A copy of the report is accessible here:

Our 2018-2019 Report highlights the 12 best attended events and the top 10 live broadcasts. The events ranged from seminars to site visits to networking events, from Donegal to Kerry to Belfast to London and to Melbourne, providing relevant and up-to-date engineering knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

Engagement in these events, demonstrating the value our members place on these initiatives, has increased steadily over the past number of years - with a 25% increase in attendance/engagement in the last year alone. An average of over 300 events a year have been offered to our members over the last 4 years.

This activity demonstrates the vibrancy of our engineering community, the very high level of volunteer engagement and the continued desire to be best-in-practice in terms of networking, knowledge sharing and the promotion of the profession to all.

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