Nation Encouraged to ‘Dream’ big during Engineers Week 2013

Nation Encouraged to ‘Dream’ big during Engineers Week 2013

14 January 2013 at 12:19

Engineers Week, an annual campaign to promote engineering as a career and the importance of the profession to Ireland, is taking place this year from February 25th to March 3rd 2013, it was confirmed today. This year Engineers Week, themed ‘Bringing Dreams to Life’ is focused on showcasing to students and parents alike the limitless possibilities that a career in engineering can offer.

Engineers Ireland has called on the support of the nation and asked the public to either host an event as part of the Week or make sure that they take their children or students to a local Engineers Week event. In keeping with the theme of the week, Engineers Ireland is encouraging the nation to ‘dream’ big and encourage students into a career in engineering so that they can be part of ‘bringing dreams to life’.

John Power today called on enterprise and academia for their full support by getting actively involved. “It is vital that we as a profession enable the public to learn more about the impact of our work.  Without the input of engineers, many great ideas would remain fixed in the imagination and never become a reality.  Engineers are involved in so many exciting and essential roles – they build cities, they design medical devices, they create entertainment products, they maintain communications networks, and much much more besides.

From the third level institutions where our engineering students are educated, to the firms that hire them, we must all reach out to the young and the curious, both to demonstrate the wide range of career options open to an engineer in Ireland, as well as to highlight the value of the contribution engineering makes to Irish society.”

“The ESRI, which examines demand for graduates up to 2030, recently expressed its optimism about job prospects in engineering,” he added.

Engineers Ireland is asking businesses and colleges to open up for a public tour, to run a series of engineering related workshops or activities or to develop an initiative of their own. In short, they are being called on to share the magic of engineering with their local community.

Those who wish to participate over the course of the week are invited to visit to upload their event or to learn more about the options available.