Call for Experts for CRFAM appeals

Call for Experts for CRFAM appeals

05 November 2016 at 14:41

The National Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) programme commenced in Ireland in 2011 and is central to the medium to long-term strategy for the reduction and management of flood risk in Ireland. To date the Office of Public Works (OPW) has managed the public consultation process and the processing of public Observations and Objections.  The procedures  for processing objections are made in accordance with the Regulation 13 of the European Communities (Assessment and Regulation of Flood Risks) Regulations 2010, SI No. 122 of 2010, as amended by European Communities (Assessment and Management of Flood Risks) (Amendment No. 1) Regulations 2015, SI No 495 of 2015.

Engineers Ireland is establishing a panel of experts to process appeals against the OPW decisions in relation to Objections to the CFRAM flood map. An appeal board of up to three experts will be appointed from the panel of experts by the President of the Engineers of Ireland to undertake the review of each appeal The role of the nominated person(s) on an appeal board will be to determine if the OPW took a reasonable decision with the information and evidence provided to it and available to it and acted reasonably in accordance with the Procedures for Processing Objections to Flood Hazard Maps. You can download the Appeals Process (PDF).

The nominated person(s) will consider all of the evidence that was provided by the Appellant to the OPW that supported its decision being appealed; and all of the evidence available to the OPW and/or lead public authority (for maps not developed by the OPW) to have considered its decision under appeal. The nominated person(s) will not consider any additional or new material from the Appellant or the OPW i.e. they will only consider the information and evidence available to the OPW at the time of its decision.

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If you wish to be considered to sit on the panel of experts for the review of appeals against the OPW decisions in relation to objections to the CFRAM flood maps you must:

  1. Be a Chartered Member of Engineers Ireland
  2. Have a minimum of 20 years of relevant post-graduate experience, i.e., such as in the areas of hydrology, hydraulic mapping and flood mapping
  3. Have excellent reasoning skills, and be able to make clear, logical judgements taking into account conflicting evidence

Please submit a CV that demonstrates compliance with the above, and the attached application form that should be signed by two other Chartered Engineers testifying to the accuracy of the submitted CV. Applicants should state their per diem rates, carry professional indemnity insurance and be tax compliant. Download the application form.

Applications should be received  at by close of business on Friday November 25th. Please address any queries to this email address and add CFRAM to the subject line.

It is proposed to provide a one day workshop on the appeal process for the CFRAM flood maps early in 2017. The appeals process stipulates strict guidelines and it is anticipated that appeals will be received in January 2017 with work completed before the end of April 2017.