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MEETA Conference 2013 - Facing Risk with Confidence

  • Date(s)
    Friday, 22 November 2013
  • Time(s)
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Venue
    Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland
  • Fee

    MEETA and Engineers Ireland Members: €295
    Non-Members: €345
    WEB PRICE: Book online and receive a further 10% discount 

    MEETA members must book through the CPD training office. Paid-up MEETA members can bring another delegate free. 
    Delegates can nominate a guest for €100 - max one guest from each organisation. Please book early, as the number of places at the conference is limited. 
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Facing Risk with Confidence

Conference overview

The theme of this year’s conference is “Facing Risk with Confidence.” In equipment reliability, confidence is not just a warm feeling – it is the mathematical complement of risk. Being two faces of the same coin, they are inextricably linked, thus increasing one reduces the other. The aim of this event is to help you to tilt the balance in your favour; helping your business, enterprise, and individuals working in Maintenance and Asset Management to progress and prosper in the current climate.  The presentations will address risk and confidence in Asset Management from equipment reliability to people performance to regulatory requirements.  The main papers will be augmented by TOOLBOX TALKS – short presentations of topical issues and useful tools that are designed as takeaways for easy application. 


The programme is designed so delegates will be able to use and apply the tools, knowledge and learnings presented to make a contribution that will greatly benefit their organisations.

  • Asset Life Planning - No Surprises
    Darren Jinks, ABB Consulting
  • Facing up to Failure
    Jerry Larkin, GE Healthcare
  • Performing Under Pressure 
    Ray McKiernan, Stress Management Institute of Ireland
  • Risk and Statutory Inspection 
    John Colreavy, Chartered Engineer, Health & Safety Authority
  • TOOLBOX TALK: ISO 55 000 update
    Ray O’Neill, ESS
  • TOOLBOX TALK: No Reward Without Risk 
    John Coleman, Rusal
  • TOOLBOX TALK: Motor Condition Monitoring
     Geoff Walker, Artesis
  • TOOLBOX TALK: The Confident Maintenance Leader
    Reg Friddle, Preferred Coaching and Development

About the MEETA Conference

Since 1984, the annual conference has provided a forum for maintenance practitioners, decision makers, experts and solution seekers to meet, discuss problems, seek advice, network, and hear the latest industry news. The conference has developed over the years into an event of truly international standing.

Who should attend

The annual conference is an essential event for maintenance practitioners, decision makers, experts and solution seekers working in maintenance and asset management.

Asset Life Planning - No Surprises! Darren Jinks, ABB Consulting

The financial, safety and environmental risks from the assets operated by businesses are considerable.  The regulatory authorities are also increasingly concerned with ageing plant and assets operating beyond their nominal design life.  Asset life planning is becoming a recognised part of the integrity management toolkit in managing these risks and a means of demonstrating continued safe operation.  This paper discusses the various factors that influence asset life and the issues in developing asset life plans.  A generic approach to developing an asset life plan will be presented with some of the possible variants.  A case study from the pharmaceutical industry will be used for illustration. 

Facing up to Failure - Jerry Larkin, GE Healthcare

In every arena, the maintenance practitioner must constantly face the challenge and consequences of Failure, in environments that may vary from manic emergency to calm control. Dealing effectively with Failure involves embracing the concept itself and understanding the nature, sources and characteristics of Failure. Fortunately, many of these characteristics are universal and enable us to deal with failures in a more methodical way. This paper presents and addresses six fundamental issues concerning Failure that will enable you to eliminate, reduce or mitigate failures in your equipment, process or systems. 

Performing Under Pressure - Ray McKiernan, Stress Management Institute of Ireland

Sustaining performance over the long term can be a challenge for high performance organisations. Striving to run a marathon at a sprint pace may not be sustainable in the long term and the key to maintaining success lies in matching organisational and individual performance in a sustainable manner.  Resilience is a vital component in managing pressure, driving and sustaining performance as the organisation grows. 
Ensuring that employees have the necessary training and skill set to manage pressure effectively, creates a culture where employees are engaged, resilient and equipped for challenge in whatever format they face.  Resilience leads to innovation, creative problem solving and a greater capacity for the organisation to effectively manage challenge and change. 

Risk and Statutory Inspection - John Colreavy CEng, Health & Safety Authority

Statutory inspection has a well-established history particularly with respect to lifting equipment and some types of pressure equipment. It represents an attempt by the State, acting on behalf of society, to control risk by imposing periodic inspections on economic operators. In some cases requirements are placed on the competent persons conducting these examinations to submit reports to the HSA if immediate cessation of use is advised. This paper reviews the scope of such inspections under HSA remit and discusses a range of issues that are linked to such inspections. 

TOOLBOX TALK: ISO 55000 update - Ray O’Neill, ESS

The standard ISO 55000 on Asset Management is to be with us soon. This toolbox talk gives the latest updates on its progress, outlines some of the debate surrounding maintenance and asset management and asks could the standard really be the key to how we can Face Risk with Confidence?

TOOLBOX TALK: No Reward Without Risk - John Coleman, Rusal

Some risk is essential for any organisation because without it there is no reward. Effective risk management is as much about identifying opportunities as well as potential losses.  As managers, leaders and maintenance professionals we make trade-offs every day to manage our risk exposures and achieve acceptable levels of risk and agreed quality standards. If we have confidence in that management we can move forward in the knowledge that we are mitigating the risk. This talk will attempt to provide some insight into how confidence can be achieved by having in place an ongoing process for identifying, assessing, managing, monitoring and reporting on significant risks faced.

TOOLBOX TALK: Motor Condition Monitoring - Geoff Walker, Artesis

Model-Based Voltage and Current Monitoring systems use the electric motor driving your equipment as a sensor, to tell you what is going on inside the equipment.  The tool box talk outlines briefly how these systems work, what they are capable of, and use a number of case studies to illustrate the surprising depth of information that can be provided, covering mechanical and operational factors as well as electrical parameters.

TOOLBOX TALK: The Confident Maintenance Leader - Reg Friddle, Preferred Coaching and Development

All reliable and effective systems ultimately depend on reliable and effective people.  This Toolbox Talk proposes some practical and essential people-centred behaviours that the maintenance manager or reliability professional must display in order to:
(i)           build a connected, confident and motivated workforce, and,
(ii)          provide a superior customer experience.

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22 November 2013

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