ISO 31000 Risk Management – 1 day CMSE training course

Organisation profile

Chris Mee Group was founded in 1996 as a specialist Health and Safety consultancy firm. It is now a leading provider of health and safety, energy and environmental services. Its services can be divided into three main areas to include training solutions (customised and off-the-shelf), consultancy solutions (safety, energy and environmental) and personnel and recruitment solutions (permanent and temporary).

Chris Mee Group`s unique selling points are customer focus, reliability and quality.

Training aim

Once implemented and maintained, ISO 31000 enables your organisation to increase the likelihood of achieving objectives, encourage proactive management, be aware of the need to identify and treat risk

Learning objectives

The course teaches how improvements in the identification of opportunities and threats can be achieved as a result of having a risk management framework in place as well as ensuring that compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements and norms are met.

Course outline

This course provides knowledge and understanding to help your organisations manage their risk.

It reviews how and why your organisation should develop, implement and continuously improve a framework with the purpose of integrating the process for managing risk into the overall governance, strategy and planning, management, reporting processes, policies values and culture.

Trainer's profile

Fergal Mee is a Director of CMSE and Environmental Consultancy Manager. He holds an Environmental Management degree from UCC and engineering qualifications from CIT. He is highly experienced with vast knowledge in a variety of different industries including manufacturing, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and consultancy. Fergal regularly works with clients in assisting them in the management of their environmental strategies.

Fergal also works on the ISO global standard for Green House Gas 

Course duration

1 Day

Who should attend

Individuals  who :

  • are responsible for developing risk management policy within the organisation.
  • are accountable for ensuring that risk is effectively managed
  • are developers of standards 


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