Engineering Education

Engineering Education Award

Sponsored by Accenture

This award recognises innovation and excellence in Irish engineering education and will be presented to a third-level engineering education institution or organisation which coordinates initiatives in third-level engineering education institutions.  Colleges of Further Education may also submit entries which are relevant to engineering education.

The award will be presented to the school of engineering, institution or organisation that has positively impacted student learning coupled with an actual or planned contribution to the economy. This can be through new academic initiatives across an entire school of engineering or a particular degree programme (or part) or an initiative which encompasses a number of third-level institutions.

The project being submitted for this category should highlight the impact the initiative has had on third-level engineering students, the school of engineering or institution(s) or wider community in an engineering context.

Key criteria 

Please detail how your project fits the four key criteria below. Each criterion should be no more than 500 words and should include relevant supporting materials such as photos, drawings and/or video links (max 5 per criterion).

  1.  Demonstrated excellence and vision in engineering education

Demonstrate how the introduction of a new development or unique element to Irish engineering education has positively impacted your institution or engineering education e.g. this can include new teaching methods and/or restructuring of engineering programmes or delivery of an engineering initiative across a number of schools of engineering.

  1. Impact of the innovation on the student community

Demonstrate how the introduction of this new initiative brings a new or unique element to the engineering student experience either through innovative learning or personal development opportunities.

  1. Actual or potential contribution to the economy and society

Outline how this initiative has or will contribute to the economy through increased revenue or jobs or in terms of student development and the contribution the graduate engineers will make to society. For example, outline the support available for the creation of start-ups.

  1. Differentiation

Demonstrate any differentiating factors that place your initiative above others in your field. For example, highlight results that show the positive educational impact the initiative has had students or the wider community.

Please include an executive summary of 200 words maximum which provides a succinct description of the entry and the principal elements of its claim for engineering excellence. This material is a key element in the judging process and will also be used for promotional purposes should you be shortlisted. 


  • This category is open to all third-level education institutions and organisations which deliver an education initiative to third-level engineering students.
  • Both the organisation or third-level institution must operate on the island of Ireland.
  • Entrants can comprise of multiple partners. 
  • A third-level institution or organisation may submit more than one entry.
  • Entries should measurably demonstrate their success in the learning domain within a two-year period of the closing date for entries: 2pm on Wednesday, 18 September 2019.

How to Enter 

STEP 1: Please read the terms and conditions of entry.

STEP 2: In a word document (or similiar), compile your submission.

  • On the first page of your submission please include: the title of the award category you wish to enter, your project title, the official title of your organisation (and partner organisations, if submitting a joint entry). 
  • On the following page, please include an executive summary (200 words max) which provides a succinct description of your entry and the principal elements of its claim for engineering excellence. 
  • Finally, detail how your project fits each of the criteria listed above. Each criterion should be no more than 500 words and should include relevant supporting materials such as photos, drawings and/or video links (max 4 per criterion).
  • In total, your entry should be approx  2,200 words in length and can include up to 20 images, video links, graphs or drawings.

STEP 3: Please PDF your entry and email/ WeTransfer it to  before 2pm on Wednesday, 18 September 2019.  Please note that by submitting an entry you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions.

STEP 4: Once submitted, please proceed to the payment page to submit your entry fee of €250.  The application fee applies per project entered. We can only accept entries that are received with payment. Entry fees are non-refundable. 


For additional information or queries, please contact:
Phone: +353 1 665 1307