Public Consultations

Public Consultations

Our members are experts in many important industry sectors, local government and Higher Education Institutions. It is vital that your views are incorporated into emerging standards and areas of engineering policy.

Links to public consultations are provided below – please check regularly for updated calls to consultation.

Current Consultations

Public Enquiry for SR 265 - Guidance on I.S. EN 12007-5:2014, Gas infrastructure - Pipelines for maximum operating pressure up to and including 16 bar - Part 5: Service lines - Specific functional requirements

Please note that the public enquiry for prSR 265 - has been launched today; 14th May 2015 and will close on the 31st of July 2015.

The document can be viewed on Your Standards, Your Say (YSYS):

All comments should also be submitted via this portal.

NSAI Eurocode Review

The European technical committee dealing with Structural Eurocodes, CEN/TC 250 has started a systematic review of the suite of Eurocodes. The review will be phased. The first phase includes the review of 31 out of the 58 parts of the Eurocodes. The 31 parts available for comment are listed on the NSAI website.

This is an opportunity for the Irish engineering community to identify any modifications that are required to improve the suite of Eurocodes.

To comment, please follow the instructions on this page: