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The Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards are presented in recognition of the achievements of engineers that have demonstrated exceptional engineering skills. As well as identifying leaders within the engineering industry, the awards provide an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the invaluable contribution the engineering profession makes to society.

Entry Deadline

12 noon on Monday 11 September 2017 is the deadline for submitting the entry form and payment.

Entry Fee

The fee for each entry submitted is €250.
The application fee applies per project entered. We can only accept entries that are received with payment. Entry fees are non-refundable as they cover our administration costs.

Selection Process

Upon receiving your application, we will first send you a confirmation of receipt by email. Thereafter, our judges will review all entries and choose the shortlist.

Key Dates

Engineering Project of the Year

This award is open to all disciplines of engineering and industry sectors. Entries should highlight the particular influence or benefit that the project has for society.

Key criteria

Please detail how your project fits the six key criteria (each criterion 500 words maximum).

1. The use of sound engineering principles and practices
The entry should clearly demonstrate that the design, use of materials, construction or manufacture is based on sound engineering principles and practices that take into consideration environmental and sustainability issues.
2. Originality and ingenuity of the solution
Your entry should clearly demonstrate that it contains significant original engineering application or demonstrates ingenuity, innovation and creativity in achieving the best solution for the required specifications.
3. Adherence to the budget, quality and programme
Your entry should clearly demonstrate that it has met the budget parameters, quality requirements and time-lines relevant to the scope of the work in the specification.
4. Actual or potential contribution of the work to the economy
Your entry should clearly demonstrate the contribution to the local, regional or national economy.
5. Impact of the work on the quality of life of the relevant communities
Your entry should clearly demonstrate that there is evidence that the entry positively contributes to the community that uses it. This may relate directly to cost, time, environment or general amenity of the community.
6. Significance of the work as a benchmark of Irish engineering
Your entry should clearly demonstrate how new benchmarks have been set or current high standards continued, thereby raising the status and excellence of Irish engineering.

Please also include an executive summary of 200 words maximum which provides a succinct description of the entry and the principal elements.

Terms and Conditions of entry

Please read the conditions of entry, eligibility criteria, entry submission and digital format information below:

Conditions of entry

  • Engineers Ireland reserves the right to publish in part or whole material contained in entries, apart from that clearly marked confidential;
  • Confidential material should be clearly marked and included only as appendices to entry submissions;
  • Entrants may be required to be available for award presentations and media interviews;
  • We cannot guarantee that submissions and supporting material will be returned so please upload copies of original documents;
  • Engineers Ireland is not responsible for any loss or damage to submissions;
  • Engineers Ireland reserves the right not to allocate an award should the quality of entries not reach a certain standard;
  • The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence concerning decisions will be entered into;
  • Information about award winners will be strictly embargoed until the announcement at the presentation evening;
  • Entries received after the published closing date will not be considered;
  • The judging panel will determine the shortlist of entries once all entries are received;
  • Only one award trophy will be presented to the winning entry.


The engineering project must have been completed within a two year period prior to the closing date for entries: Monday 11 September 2017 at noon. Engineering projects will only be considered that have been partially or completely carried out by an organisation which has a presence on the island of Ireland and the project should clearly be seen to benefit Irish society directly or indirectly.

Entry submission

  • Please complete your submission online by noon on Monday 11 September 2017, detailing how your project fits the six key criteria outlined earlier in this document. We cannot guarantee that submissions and supporting material will be returned so please upload copies of original documentation.
  • All entry material should be carefully marked with the category, project title and name of the organisation.
  • The submission may include drawings, pictures, photographs and other methods of illustration in either hard or softcopy. If you have video footage of your project available, we would also encourage you to submit this.
  • You should also submit six different colour photographs of professional presentation quality in jpg or tiff format – at least 1MB in size. The photographs may be used in an audio visual presentation and the programme at the awards dinner if you are successful in being shortlisted.

Digital format

The following formats can be accepted:

  • For text: .pdf, .doc
  • For pictures: .jpeg, .gif. (ideally in print quality, at least 1MB in size).
  • For videos: .avi, .mpeg, .wmv, .mov and .fly.
  • For presentations: .pdf .ppt (ideally convert PowerPoint into pdf).


Phone: +353 1 665 1307

 Engineering Project of the Year 

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions of entry above before proceeding. 

Your Details

Company name
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Contact first name
Contact surname
How did you hear about the Excellence Awards?
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Principal contact person during awards if different from previous


If a joint entry please list all additional entrants and their role in the project

Project role e.g. consultant
Project role e.g. consultant
Project role e.g. consultant

Please detail: the official title of your submission; name(s) of organisations being put forward for the award and how the project fulfils the four key criteria. The 200 word executive summary should also be inserted here.

  • We require all application material such as entry criteria, images, videos, etc. to process your entry, as per the terms and conditions
  • As these files can be quite large, we recommend they are sent using a free file sharing service such as using as the recipient address.

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