Workplace Transport Safety - Safe Workplace

Organisation profile

 The Health and Safety Authority is the national statutory body with responsibility for ensuring that approximately 1.9 million workers (employed and self-employed) and those affected by work activity are protected from death, injury and ill-health arising from all work activities and chemicals.

Training aim

The course will increase employers and employees awareness of achieving and maintaining a safe workplace around work vehicles.  This includes preventing vehicle related incidents.

Learning objectives

The Workplace Transport Safety - Safe Workplace online course covers:

• the key considerations for safe workplace arrangements that support the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

• the key considerations when choosing, using, working with and maintaining vehicles in the workplace.

• the key safe work procedures and rules that support workplace transport safety.

• the key risk management and supervision steps to achieve a safe workplace for vehicle activities.

Course outline

The Workplace Transport Safety - Safe Workplace  course is a free online awareness raising course from the Health and Safety Authority.  The course explains how to achieve and maintain a safe workplace environment to prevent vehicle related incidents.  It also identifies key ways in which you control risks in a workplace where vehicles and pedestrians interact.

Trainer's profile

This online course is delivered by the Health and Safety Authority, Ireland's national statutory body for workplace safety and health. 

Course duration

45 minutes

Assessment & certification

Learners can download a certificate of completion once the course and short assessment is completed in full.  

Who should attend

Employers and employees who supervise or manage vehicle related activities in the workplace.  The content is suitable for all workplace transport settings.


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